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    Nothing but problems......

    Since i have bought the jet of right now it is a 2008 RXT with 45 hours on it baby the hell out of it....the hood shock is one minor problem been in the shop every winterize to get it fixed...and just keeps popping off now sea-doo says they will fix it one more time and that is it....saying it has to be abuse cause some bracket keeps getting the other problem that really pisses me off....I open the drain plugs everytime i come off of the water....since brand new been a white milky substance coming out....which obviously it oil and water mixed when i brought it to the dealers attention they were like ahhh just keep an eye on i did brought it in for winterize again.....let them know there is oil in there.....well couldnt find now that it is out of warranty last yr when i took it to get winterized they said they finally found some clamp and was loose and replaced first time on the water this year take it out not only does the hook shock break ONCE AGAIN.....there is damn oil in the bottom of the hull and i cleaned it spotless last yr...any advice would be great thanks

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    Have you seen this service bulletin:

    The oil is mostly likely coming from the the pto shaft seal - not uncommon.

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    I think you need to find a new dealer. I had problems with my nearist dealer, so I found another one. I now have to drive 2hrs vs 40 min, but I dont care. The new dealer is worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpt7779 View Post
    Have you seen this service bulletin:

    The oil is mostly likely coming from the the pto shaft seal - not uncommon.

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    okay how much of a pain in the ass is it to do the pto shaft seal???? Is that the same thing as a rear main seal i think they are referring to they want damn near 400 dollars just to tear the damn thing down to TRY and see whats wrong with it.....what causes that....and yes i have seen the service bullentin thanks they have been working on that shock since brand new also moved it and everything else......reallly starting to get on my damn nerves thats for damn sure

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    also just un-winterized it if you want to call it that......and when i go to get on the throttle i have a slight hestation at first was wondering about that bought this thing brand new and i am not to fond of this dealer i need to find me another one thats for sure just dont know where to start looking....

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    Its not too bad to replace the PTO seal, but you have to remove the jet pump and pull the driveshaft and the SC (for clearance to get at clamps). But first I would check to see if that is the leak ... BEFORE you go out again, take a rag and thoroughly dry off the PTO seal and driveshaft. Then go for a ride, shut off the ski and reach in and feel the DS and PTO bottom ... if that is where the leak is, it will be oily again. If it is not oily, your leak is elsewhere.

    Sometimes if someone has pulled the DS before, and it was a bit sticky coming out, the bearing halves in the PTO will pull out a bit ... you can carefully bump them back in correct relationship, clean the rubber PTO boot very well, reinstall the bearing in the PTO seal, install and clamp correctly, and possibly be all set.

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    got you thanks so much this is why i LOVE forums......thats for sure...thanks again going to give that shot

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