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    Newbie?? Why Modify?

    I have a stock 07 FXHO with 90 hrs. Just bought. Mainly will be used on 100 acre lake pulling kids and skiers. I hear a lot of talk on "must do modifies" Things like changing ride plates because you can get thrown off a 55 mph. Were did the engineers over at Yamaha go wrong with the stock parts? my dealer never mentioned one time things I should change out for safety reasons or for performance reasons. The ski itself is plenty powerful for this rookie and seems to run and handle flawlessly.Thanks Gregg

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    There's nothing to worry about with that model. Only the GPR & FZR/S are known to overstuff with the stock intake grate.

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    Thanks. Can you give me a 101 on "overstuff"

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    It's basically when more water is being forced into the jet pump than it can process. It creates overly high pressure in front of the impeller & causes the back of the ski to jump out of the water, which makes the bow dig in & causes the ski to suddenly hook. The stock grate is designed mainly to keep debris out of the pump, while aftermarket "top loader" grates have a wing that forces water to the top of the tunnel so there's more even tunnel pressure in front of the impeller. The wing also makes the ski handle better & hookup better in rough water because it helps suck the ski to the water.

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    Gotcha. Thanks

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