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    2002 GTX 4 Tec SeaDoo Limp Mode after 10-15 min

    Hello I have been having a problem with my 2002 GTX 4 Tec SeaDoo for the last two seasons. When we take it out you can ride it at any speed fast or slow for about 10-15 min and then it will do one loud beep and go into limp mode, then if you take the key out and then put it back on you can ride it again for 10-15 min and it will start all over again. I'm thinking about replacing the oil pressure switch with an oem one because people say that these years had a problem with these and had the same symptoms....are there any other switches/sensors that have to do with oil pressure I should replace. Because when checking for codes on the jetski when it was hooked up to the hose at home (pressing the button 5 times) it didn't show any and I believe when we checked it out on the lake like that it didn't show any either. Thanks for your help!

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    front and rear switches give trouble also need to verify the tops valve is working and the oil level etc is ok.

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    Ok so the oil level is correct and not above or below so I can rule that out. Second, what are these front and rear switches you are talking about ( i take it one of them is the switch I mentioned in my first post). and how would you go about checking the tops valve. Thanks for your help (i searched for the tops valve, but I didn't find the info. I was looking for)

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    If it goes into limp there should be a fault code stored in the ECU...

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    would I be able to view the fault code by just pressing the set button or whatever 5 times or would I need to use some kind of reader like candoo or buds because for some reason I don't think it had a code when I pressed it 5 times

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    If I'm not mistaking the buttons will only show the active faults. If it's an intermittent fault, it may be switching to occurred really fast, so it's not on the list that you can view with the buttons. I suspect it's recorded and could be viewed with Buds or CANDooPro.

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    hmm..well if I remember correctly it was not showing do you think it would be a good idea to replace the 2 oil sensors because for that year people say those cause problems because the ski seems to be running correctly other than that...

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    switches I mean front pressure (blowby sensor) and rear oil pressure sensor these both fail and often dont leave a code.
    if the tops valve doesnt work the engine builds up crankcase pressure and the alarm goes off, to check it take the seat off and when you plug the lanyard on the valve next to the oil filler cap should make a loud clonk sound as it opens.

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    Smile 2002 GTX 4 Tec SeaDoo Limp Mode after 10-15 min

    Just taken my gtx 2002 4 tec out after engine rebuild and have the same problem. Get 1 long beep with CHECK ENG message. suspect got the same problem. I have code P 1509 but thats for the Lake Temp. going to check tops valve. I also have the Maint Msg i dont know if that will keep the ski in limp mode tho.


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    so if it makes a loud clank noise that means its not working...I'll go ahead and check that. Thanks for the help. Anyone with more information keep it coming please!

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