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    lake ozark

    Unhappy Looking for a Stock Supercharger or other cheap charger! also Prop tool?

    Blew my 2Rude Charger, dont know the exact damage till tomorrow but I just want to put another stock 215 charger on if anyone has one, the cheaper the better please! Its my only ride this summer and I just want to get back on the water!

    Also anyone willing to let me borrow a prop tool? looking to swap my stock one back on so i can sell the Solas 14/19r I got with my stage one kit to cover the new supercharger costs. Ill pay to rent it.

    Thanks, updated thread with pictures hopefully tomorrow when I pull it off...stock bearings and needles, steel washers (put in at 100 hours) now blown with 315 hours. had a good run!

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    Ive got a stock charger with 70hrs, how much would you give me ?

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    lake ozark
    Ill get back to you tomorrow, just got your email. If I need a whole new charger will an 04 model fit an 06? Ill look into it some. I'm not putting a charger in that doesn't have metal washers, viton oil seal while Im there...theres $150 on top of that. These things are money pits!

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