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Thread: I gotta say...

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    I gotta say...

    that I'm impressed where the GPR is today. I thought for sure that by this time, the RXP would have surpassed the GPR as the fastest PWC out there, but it hasn't. The RXP seems to be stuck in the 82-85 MPH range for the most part and the GPR just keeps on climbing thanks mostly to Kerry and those who have followed in his foot steps. High 80's and low 90's on a two stroke jet ski is just damn impressive and is a feat that I don't see happening on an RXP hull.

    And apparently Hydrotoys' project is going to prove that Yamaha could easily make the fastest 4 stroke on the market as well if they would just buy or develop a serious four stroke platform to put in the GPR hull while simultaneously proving the RXP hull is pretty much crap, not that it was a surprise

    So, I gotta give props to you GPR guys. While some of your infighting gets really... annoying at times (though it has seemed to have improved lately) the end result of your collaborative efforts in terms of performance is undeniable. Congrats.

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    Damm J , i guess we will let you ride with us on joe pool have always been welcome , our schedules dont seem to mesh, and mike is flying on his years day 12noon joe there .......i burnt #3 and if wfo gets me my parts in time ill be there with the gpr...if not i still got my malibu(see avitar),and if any of you turds want to ride in a boat come on....bring your dry suit if your up for some winter ball freezing wake riding...

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    That was nice.

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    Very well said Jarrett
    What sucks for you rxp guys is the damn valves dropping.

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    Well said! its been nice thats there has been almost no arguing on this forum!!! And as happy as I am that the GPR holds the record speed im sure it will be beat sooner or later!

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