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    98 GSX Limited/ How to get to the carbs?

    What is the best way to get to the carbs without removing the exhaust?

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    what part of the carbs, cause u can get to the top of the carbs where the air goes in by removing the air box, but thats about it, the top part of the exhaust almost has to come off to get to the bottom bolts of the carbs to remove them.

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    DO NOT REMOVE THE EXHAUST TO REMOVE THE CARBS. Its totally unnecessary. Remove the air horns first then the air box. The air box moves forward to come off the support post near the starter then you hold it out against the hull an work it back then up and over the engine support. Then remove the stainless carb support /airbox latch. 3 Allen bolts. Then there are 4 allen bolts that hold the carbs Back them out till you can pull them by hand out then set the carbs in the bottom and remove the choke cable and the top hose (1/4" return to tank). Now roll them over to see the inlet hose and throttle cable and cable to the oil injection. Remove them all and pull the carbs out the same way the airbox came.

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    Phew that sounds like it would be very tight squeeze...but sounds like it works and has been done ha...

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