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    Some buoy footage at Impros' BBSD 6

    I had a great time even though I was mostly a spectator this year. As usual, Impros kicked butt with BBSD 6! I like the new raffle format, 1 minute to select your winning prize...
    Here's a 15 minute clip of Arron Sanchez on the Dupont GSX running the Buoys. I don't think the stand up guys knew it was him & would just let him pass on through. There's some good racing with a red/white blaster in the middle of the clip & a few others at the end.

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    Thanks for sharing. I have never race before. But I took a few laps on a track they had set up in Hood river. Allot of fun And allot of arm pump. It is pretty funny how the local Joe blow jet skier think they are a bad ass until they actually make a few laps. It fun to steal there water with the jet wash too.

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