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    Exclamation 1995 seadoo hx 720 compression

    hi guys, i did a search on this topic and found nothing...(1995 seadoo hx 720 compression) so im posting this thread..also wanted to say ive been coming here for years and have been impressed with the wealth of knowledge you guys have..i love skis and want to know more so i finally joined.yay..anyways back on topic..Im buying a 1995 seadoo hx 720, (my second ski to dick around on) and want to know if anyone knows what the the compression should be on both cylinders. and whats a high end low end and acceptable.. i just bought a compression tester and am seeing the ski tomorrow..anyone know the answer or can link me to it? much thanks guys
    -also i hope this is the right section to post this..if not sorry

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    at sea level, with a quality guage, a 720 should be at 150, to 155psi. the big thing, is you do not want to see much, if any varience between the two cyls.

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    I wasn't sure what the psi should be. However I read somewhere that if the cylinders varied by more than 10% there was an issue. Thanks for the advice, now i know what to look for!

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    seadoo was about 125 psi in both! so normal wear and tear, no major issues. what do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lagzalot View Post
    seadoo was about 125 psi in both! so normal wear and tear, no major issues. what do you think?
    Sounds a bit low. My 720 has 145 in both. Make sure your O-ring on your compression gauge is good.

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    brand new tester out of the box..

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    its also got the dreaded grey fuel lines which i will have to you guys know if there are any tuts on how to clean a carb for this jetty?

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