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    possible cause of pilot outlet no water coming out?

    what are causes?

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    Mud Dauber Wasps will plug them solid. I have seen this alot here in the south.

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    trace the hose back depending upon the ski remove the end that goes to the exhaust and using compressed air blow threw it to clear the line. I just shot out something from a gp1200 the other day that went 20 feet. It was badly clogged

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    i got no overheat warning, hot water is coming out at the pump nozzle, can somebody tell me where that left pilot coming from? i traced it coming from the top of the oil cooler??>>

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    I don't know anything about the HO, but looking at the parts diagram I would say #14 is suspect if everything else is getting water.

    I am just guessing the line. So, if someone knows better point out the line in the diagram for us.

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    where is #43 going?

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    Mine had a bug nest in it. I took a small plastic tube and poked into the outlet from the outside while the ski was running on the hose, and a chunk of bug mess and dead bug parts came out. Has worked fine after that.

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    I've never seen anything come out of either side, water only comes out the back. I haven't had mine in the water yet, but I have ran it on the hose for 10 - 15 minutes, and never a over heat warning or anything, and water still only comes out the back.
    Will you only see water coming out the front ports if you're riding it and not when you run it on the hose?

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    il check the lines... =)

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