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    2002 seadoo 4tec timing chain question

    Hello, I have a 2002 4tec gtx that has broken the timing chain. I did not have this ski when it happend so I dont know the history of it. The chain is broken and there is water in the oil. Other then replacing the timing chain, how can water get into the engine oil on these engines? anything else to check? Compression seemed good at around 150psi. engine is now pulled and pto housing is removed. No noticable problems with the pump for the coolant. Thanks for any help!

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    Send compressed air through the combustion chambers while each is on the compression stroke and look for air bubbles in the coolant tank.

    Water and oil usually mix if the headgasket is blown. What does your sparkplugs looks like? Still in one piece? Get a flashlight and look into each chamber and inspect the top of the pistons for damage.

    Compression leakdown test would be a good test to try.

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    Even if u explain the oil away, I would pull the pistons out and check the top ring for binding. My bet is at least 1 of the top ringlands is bent from valve contact and will not seal, resulting in blowby. I have done 3 timing chains now and pinched ringlands on every one of 'em. I hate giving good people bad news.....

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