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    07 Kawasaki ultra 250x only tops out at 25 m.p.h.

    Just bought 2007 Kawasaki Ultra 250X. First day it ran fine and got to 55 M.P.H. but weeds got in to intake. After pulling out weeds It only Runs at 25 M.P.H. in FPO mode and 12 miles per hour in Slow mode. RPM reads around 4500. NO over heat warning. runs fine but seems to be straining and burning lot of fuel.
    Before I take it out of water I wanted to see if i could check for something so
    1. I Called Kawasaki tech support they say it might be Impeller.

    second dealers take was that it is Fuel related. I had just filled it with 91 octane and also added Star brite star tron marine stabilizer.

    3rd dealer told me that spark plug are known to crack. So I am changing spark plug.

    Any one ran in to this type of issue? please help

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    Check to see if all exhaust hose clamps are tight and if intercooler is clogged. Clean ic if any question. Check engine oil condition and level. Change all 4 plugs.

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    Thanks. Ordered plugs will change it today. Oil was changed before I bought it. ordered service manual so I can figure out where exhaust clamp and inter cooler hose are.

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    Check ur Sc belt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genius View Post

    3rd dealer told me that spark plug are known to crack. So I am changing spark plug.

    Any one ran in to this type of issue? please help
    Make sure and use anti-seize on your plugs. Be very careful. Good idea to warm engine before removal.
    Like Fire0021 says, check your belt and get up under there to make sure you got everything out of intake area. Make sure and check pulleys and such. Should go a good deal faster than 55. Check those hoses like Blue said also.
    Mostly just wanted to chime in on the plugs deal. Good luck sir~!

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    if it was fine before the weeds im guessing they are still in there

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    I had that problem last year ,with my 07 stx f 1500. Ran sweet all day and when I was going back in to shore I hit a long patch of seaweed and grass . I knew I needed to stop and clear intake and when I cleared it and started off again it seemed like it was in limp mode ,could not hit 15 mph at all. No over heat warning ,so I checked again and it seemed clear,had my buddy pull me over to a small sand bar so I could check the intake closer, and the ski was fine when I got to the sand bar ,it seems that some sea grass got wrapped around the shaft and when I got towed it cleared it out . I was able to see that some of the grass was still lightly wrapped around the shaft. Took it to a awsome shop called Jet trendz and everything looked sweet ,it has been good since...I hit that seaweed and grass at about 70 mph and it got slammed up in there pretty good it seemed...

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    All most forgot the ski idled fine it just had no get up and go when this happened....I hope your ski will be ok and it is the same thing that I experienced...

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    I have the same problem right now

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    My 260 has gone into 20 to 25 mph limp mode on two occasions. Just as described by op, with unusually high fuel consumption. However, there was obvious intermittent FI code traced to ignition coil.

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