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    No spark on 1995 Polaris SL 650

    Newbie here, I having issues with my 1995 SL 650. It's been out of the water for a couple of years, but re-charged the battery, cranks over really good. Removed all the old gas from the system. Tried to start it, no spark.... I took the cover off the power pack to see if there were any wires jarred loose, and there is about 1/2" of oil in there. Is this normal?? By the way, all the wires were connected to the board. Is there some kind of test I can do on this thing (providing that the oil in there is normal) to see if there is a problem?

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    Oil inside the elec box is not normal.

    There are many threads about this topic. Best place to look is in the links provided at the bottom of K447's posts. He spent alot of time organizing all the info for newb's like yourself to find it all in 1 location. Check it out.

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