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    What is this package worth?

    Hi new guy here. Looking for a pair of skis. I found these on ebay near me. I went to look at them and they look like they are in average shape for the year. The 1995 ski is a 700? The idle goes up and down and he said it stalls once in awhile. Owner said the carb needed to be cleaned? Also claims the 700 is faster than the 2000 GP 800 due to the 700 having a after market impeller. Claims the 700 does 54mph and the 800 50mph. How do these skis handle since they are 11 and 16 years old. Are they old technology should I look for something else? He is asking $4000.00 and went to $3500.00 with no problem. Not sure if he will come down anymore.

    Thanks Mike

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    depends on the price an the 800 should be faster than the 700,eather something is wrong with the 800,or if it was gps then that gps was wrong.

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    Soooooooo good deal bad deal.

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    $3500 is a fair price if they are in excellent running condition. But it sounds like you're gonna be opening a can of worms.

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    Mike, personally I'd keep looking, the GP 800 has powervalves and isn't the best of motors. The 95 would be a decent ski, for sure they are going to need carb rebuilds at the least... If you do it yourself 50 bucks a carb, take it to the dealership about 150 a carb. If the 95 is a wave raider, which I think it is, the hull design got out of the water a lil better than the GP's. So yeah with an aftermarket prop I could seeing having a slight edge.

    At least he was honest in telling you speeds, I would have expected 60 to 62

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    Ok thanks guys. I think I will keep looking. I really like the style/looks of that 95 WaveRaider even though it is 16 years old. For my next quest for skis what motors should I be looking for and what ones to stay away from? Does only the 800 have these powervalves?

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