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    I just Bought a 2004 Kawa stx-15f

    Hello everyone NFG Here
    I just bought a 2004 kawa stx-15f (53 hrs) bone stock ,is there any thing i need to do to ski before using it, I put a new battery in it and it sounds great, also has there been a lot of issue with these ski or anything i need to be aware of .

    I bought Kawa Stx with a trailer and a 1999 seadoo Gti ski for $3000.00 but, I sold the trailer and the 1999 seadoo with my old 1997 yamaha760 Waverunner for 3300.00, so pretty much i got the Kawa stx for free I had to put some money into the Seadoo.

    I really hope this ski works out for me.
    Thanks Glad I found this site

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    So far the primary known issue that I have found since I"m considering buying is siezed spark plugs. Since you already bought it the time of reckoning is coming. If the spark plugs are not siezed then replace and put antisieze greese on them. I would suggest removing gently.

    Best of luck.

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    run the motor prior to taking the plugs out and spray some pb blaster down the holes for the day before. Otherwise check the hose clamp on the bottom of the catch can. otherwise, put gas in and ride it.


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