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    Yamaha 1200 xl exhaust hose blown

    I have a Yamaha 1998 xl1200 and i have replaced the exhaust rubber hose coming from the engine side thru the bulk head to the water box. The 1st one I thought was maybe split because it was bent double when we removed everthing to replace the starter. I purchased another used one which looked structurally sound, but after only 2 to 3 hrs. of use it also split on the inside of the elbow right where it goes thru the fiberglass bulkhead. This season onthe very first start it back fired rather abruptly, but it ran ok for the 1st 2 or 3 hrs., then the big split again. I thought maybe this would have caused it, but it ran ok after it backfired. Any ideas why this would have happened again.

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    I wonder if the water flow into the exhaust is clogged up and its overheating the rubber hose

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