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    #2 Cylinder big bearing failure

    Well, I guess I can't complain too much, that crank had been in my ski since Sept '02. I was talking to Harry today and he said that it was a very unusual failure. I have an '02 with all the usual stage II gear. I have not had a single problem with the ski in a very long time and usually ran it WOT for long periods of time.

    I am going to the 1390, so that seems like a big improvement. I had over 200 hours on that Stage II and never installed a free flow exhaust and this failure was not caused by keeping the stock exhaust intact

    I am going free flow now though. I am looking forward to a long summer!
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    200 hours, run hard and going big bore now! !!!
    good to hear you got decent time out of the ski and "rode" it!

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