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    Newbie here with sinking ski

    Hey Guys,
    I recently bought a pair of Yamaha's. One of which is a 1996 Blaster2. It rides nice but it takes on water very fast. It has always taken on water a little but here recently it does so, so bad that I can't ride it anymore.

    I filled it full of water the other day(with the hose) and ran it a little while on the trailer. There was a constant stream coming out of the Intake Grate (near the front of the IG).

    My friend tells me that there is either a grease fitting or a seal down there that might be bad. Is this true?

    I took the battery box off but I can't see any seal or fitting that might be in there.

    What part could be the culprit and do you think it might be difficult to change?

    Thanks a bunch,
    Zack Smith

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    If a moderator doesn't move this try posting again in "old school section".
    You may have better luck there.

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