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    GPR ignition in a Gp1200

    Ive had a coil fail again, seems like its why they changed the design for the GP1200 to GPR1200.
    Looking at the two systems I began to wonder about changing to a GPR 1200 ignition , (plenty on ebay) and use the GP1200 charging coil to supply the power for the GPR ignition . And use my existing pulse coils to trigger the spark.
    Anyone done this ?

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    I dont know anyone who has done that and dont think it will work because you are dealing with 2 systems that work totally different. Its been a wile since ive worked with the firing coils and pulser coils systems. But the best way to describe it would be that the firing coil builds a charge and when the magneto passes the pulser coil it releases the charge to the coils.

    The electronic ignition uses battery power and the timing circuit (trigger) to fire the coils.

    Hope this helps and I got it wright like i said its been a wile NOT fresh on my mind.

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