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    Waverunner 2002 GP1200r - start problem

    i have had 2 problems

    1. Start up takes 5 mins of turning over to start. Once its started then its fine. 1 week between starts and this happens.

    I have taken spark plugs off and put oil down into engine. The plugs were all brown with petrol coating. This made the engine start after about a minute but maybe it was because i started it the previous day.

    I have new spark plugs on the way so this may help it. Also would the petrol have anything to do with it taking awhile to start.

    Its basically a pain and the battery isnt liking the contant draining

    2. I was playing in waves and i gunned the throttle and it didnt give me anything. No warning light just kept to 7 km/hr for about 20 mins. took it back to the house and washed it out with fresh water and it started to throttle at higher revs so took it back to the water and no worries back to normal. But no warning light so weird.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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    When is the last time you cleaned/rebuilt the carbs? Mine did the same thing till I sent the carbs out for rebuild by Oside Bill. Some people also add a primer to the fuel line but I think that is just avoiding the problem.

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    The ski has done 95 hours. i have only just bought it and it has never had the carbs cleaned or rebuilt.

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