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    what else can it be??

    I have removed cat/con, replaced gas filter, removed flapper, changed gas pickups, new plugs, used inline spark tester to rule out bad wire or coil. visually checked pv's while installing starts right up and runs great at full power for about 15+ minutes, just when I think problem is solved, it cuts out and max speed goes from 60 to 40...sound like carb rebuild? thats what I'm gonna do but since its kind of expensive, I want to rule out all other things as I will be bummed if I go through time/expense and thats NOT it...thanks for any input!!
    oh yea, its an 01 1200 gpr

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    Do a compression check and report back. It does sound similar to a problem I had with clogged carbs. If you have a primer installed, try pumping that while you're riding. It gave mine a surge of power each time and I knew it was short on fuel. Whatever you do, don't ride it too long like this because it will lead to a lean seizure if that's your problem.

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    compression is low but equal and not terrible...100 across all primer as it starts as soon as the button is touched, never saw need to change

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