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    Battery died. Replace or recharge?

    Loaded up my 03 gp1300r last night and was all set for a spin this morning after work. After launching and subsequently trying to start teh ski I found out the battery was dead.
    I just bought this about 6 weeks ago and the first month I used it fairly often, at least twice a week. However it has sat for the last 2 weeks more or less untouched (I know I'll regret that waste of time once winter hits).

    Anyway I don't know how old the battery is or anything like that but it did always start right up everytime before today. Should I just replace it, which I was trying to hold out until next spring to do, or try to re charge it. Voltage read 12.4.

    Should I be concerned that the battery drained over this period of time or just chalk it up to being an old battery?

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    Sitting 2 weeks is no big deal for a battery. In the winter I charge mine once every 5 weeks over the course of 6 months and the battery in my FX HO is 4 years old. Check your connections on the battery, if they have any corrosion your ski will not start. If you rule that out then IMO just get a new battery and charge it in the winter.

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    Buy a $10 trickle charger and charge the battery whenever it's not in the water.
    Always start your ski before you put in if not at home before you leave.

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    Thanks for the input guys
    Def learned my lesson on not starting before unloading.

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