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    Primer Install - quick question

    I am installing a primer on my 99 Yamaha Exciter (same engines as GP1200). I know you are suppose to tap into the fuel line on the reserve line going to the fuel selecter, but it would be much more accessable for be to T in the line that feeds the carbs after the fuel filter. This would also ensure that I pump filtered gas to the carbs when I prime them. I will be using the standard brass T to tap into the fuel line.

    Does anyone see any issue with this? I do not think that this will restrict the fuel flow to the carbs in any way, but want to confirm with the experts first...


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    Thats how I tapped mine and I have no issues at all. I had the same feeling, that installing it after the filter could only be a good thing. And if I remember right , thats how the I/R hand written instructions showed it.

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    I tapped into the return line on my 98 xl1200.
    Works great.

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    How far down does the return line go into the tank?? My concern with the return line is that it does not draw down very far in the tank. Otherwise that would be the best place in my opinion so eliminate any concerns about restricting fuel to carbs.

    Quote Originally Posted by toyterrific View Post
    I tapped into the return line on my 98 xl1200.
    Works great.

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    The only 100% safe way to avoid a fuel supply problem is to install the primer tee in the Return line. That how I did it on my GP1200 and it works, although it'll take a few extra pumps if you run the carb dry (I accidentally ran the ski with the fuel selector OFF). But it will suck gas through the carbs to the primer so its still filtered gas, if thats you concern.
    Installing on the supply side could 1) Restrict flow 2) suck air through the primer as it gets older. Aerated fuel will cause you to run lean and could destroy the engine quickly.

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