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    R&D Ride Plate Installation

    What is the best set up for a GP1300R R&D ride plate installation. What angle or how many washers and what amount of step down?

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    wow,, man it all depends on what you want, riding style, rough water, total top speed, rider weight all play a part in setting the plate up for your goal...
    yoiu`d first have to bolt up the plate and have a look where it meets the shoe, measure that angle to get a base line, and start from there...
    here`s how>

    best thing to do is read some of these build thread and look thru the FAQ`s nd How to`s for more info...
    Lot`s of testing to get what you need/want... there is no magical number, but i`ll toss this out here> .750 - .950 for starters...

    good luck

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