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    Kawasaki 250x/260x Supercharger Belt Replacement

    My 250x has over 100 hours, and from reading other people's experiences, my belt's days are numbered!!

    I installed an extra belt "just incase" when my ski was in the shop last year because the belt snapping is inevitable with the amount of time I spend on this ski. My shop manual explains in detail how to install this belt; so my question is, at the time it happens which hose do you pop off to repower the ski and bypass the supercharger temporarily to get back to shore?

    Can someone please post a picture and explain how/which hose to remove?


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    If you have a spare belt there, just keep a wrench on the ski to loosen the the idler pulley and install the new belt.................and if you still have the cover on it take it off now..........

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    Its the hose that goes out of the intercooler and into the throttle body, basically bypassing the air intake tract.

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