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    Best place to buy factory oil filters?

    My Ultra 250 has gas in the oil like many others. I'm not planning on changing pistons anytime soon so I just change the oil often. Is there a cheap place online where I can get factory oil filters? Or do I have to just buy them from the dealer?


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    Why doesn't Riva or someone sell you guys some special GIO oil filters, hell many guys will buy most anything else! They may even work with amsoiled oil!


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    you can buy them online here on the green hulk store. Not the special GIO ones, just the stock ones...

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    Filters good for 50+hrs he'll there rated for 100 hrs change your oil and do ur filter when needed.

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    I got mine from Parker Yamaha. Maybe they have what you need?

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    I change my oil every 25 hours and in the spring before busy riding starts oil and filter since not that many hours put on diring the winter unless something makes me change the filter early.

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