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    GP1300r engine removal and rebuild write up?

    It appears I am going to have to pull the engine out of my gp1300r and tear it apart to replace the rear seal. Is there a good write up somewhere online with the step by step and torque specs etc.? I have searched but haven't found what I am looking for.

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    What makes you so sure you need a rear seal

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    The drive shaft is slinging oil right behind the seal and I am getting a lot of smoke under the seat that also appears it is coming out of the seal. The smoke builds up under the seat and then the ski doesn't want to idle and will stall but it will idle fine with the seat off because I the smoke has somewhere to go I suppose. The previous owner just had the engine rebuilt by a reputable shop in my area too but they must of done something wrong. Brand new crank too.

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    maybe they didn`t apply grease to the seal for the initial start up...
    there is that much smoke pouring out of the rear of the engine/crank area?

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    It's enough that it fills the engine compartment pretty quickly. It will idle for maybe a couple minutes then it will want to die and wont restart for 5 minutes or so which I am thinking is until enough smoke clears for it to get some fresh air again. If I start it up and just keep it running and get up to speed it will run great until I let it get back to idle again where it will just shut off again and not restart for 5 or 10 minutes. I then realized that if i keep the seat off it seems to idle ok and I can putt around through no wake with the seat off but not with the seat on which made me think the smoke was causing the problem. Figuring it was just an exhaust leak, I went over the exhaust real good but found no problem. I then realized the smoke appears to be coming out of the rear seal and then also noticed the oil that has been slung around by the drive shaft.

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    As far as motor removal/installation... SBT might make crap replacement motors, but they do post a nice how-to guide online...

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