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    need help (2000 gp1200r)

    tried to take my ski out today and after i launched it i started it and it idled fine, gave it alittle gas and it didnt move. the engine reved up as it should but i wasnt going anywhere. there was a high pitched noise coming from the pump area i believe. i took it home and checked the intake (it was clear) then ran it on the hose and water wasnt flowing from the nozzle just alittle spatter here and there (usually it flow from the nozzle) when i give it gas water will shoot out the nozzle. when the ski is running i can see the impeller spinning. does any one know what the problem is. i checked the impeller with a flash light and it looked ok to me. two weeks prior i took the ski out and there was no problems. what can this be? i took it back to the boat ramp and kept on the trailer, when the ski is out of the water that whining noise can be barely heard just some a little rattling in the back (pump area) but thats been doing that for awhile, when i backed it up in the water that high pitched noise was loud. a lot of water comes up threw the "piss hole" give it gas and the only movement u see in the water is the water pouring out from the cooling system (exaust). i may have missed something but this is the basics of what i noticed. any help would be greatly appreciated. i just had the motor rebuilt like 15 hrs ago and i really want to ride. thanks in advance.

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    it sounds like a stripped coupler shaft you need to pull the pump to check it and probably the motor to pull the coupler shaft unless you can slide the motor forward enough to get it out.

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    i cant seem to move the impeller by hand, so even though it turns when running and it dont move freely by hand when off) would that still mean the coupler. can someone give me some test to do to be sure. thanks again.

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