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    White Gel Coat repairs, 1996 Kawasaki 750 Sxi

    So my brother slammed me in the waves down in oceanside and I've got my first fiberglass repair job to tackle. It was cracked on the right side rail just below the rail pad. There was no access behind of course but I've pretty much got the fiberglass repaired and smoothed down until it's completely unoticable. Now the problem I'm having is the freaking Gel Coat. For the life of me can't get it to look right. After searching endlessly on the web and watching every gel coat repair video on youtube, I got some Tap Plastics gel coat and have tried to lay some of that down. First a paint brush, with huge brush lines, which I sanded all off, then tried a sponge brush, not much better but slightly. I was considering a roller? The other problem, the gel coat doesn't even look right, it's not all glossy like the original but more of a flat white. Since the web seems devoid of any info, someone please clue me in on what the secret is to matching gel coat? I mean it is gel coat right? Not paint? It's all original. Thanks in advance.

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    Don't know about yours, but Kawi painted a bunch of their 'Skis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve45 View Post
    Don't know about yours, but Kawi painted a bunch of their 'Skis.
    Serious? Man, I assumed they were all gel coat, but I tell ya, it sure looked like paint to me the way some of it was just flaking off. Now wouldn't that be something, trying to repair gel coat on a painted ski. Being I'm no expert on paint/gel coat, how would I know for sure? It just looks like thin paint to me, most of it was gone on the bottom after years and years of riding this thing.

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