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    1997 SL1050 - No start, has spark/fuel/compression

    I have a 1997 sl1050, has 492 hours on it, I just got it not running.

    I have spark, checked all the electrical stuff like the hall sensors,magneto, coil, wires, everything checks out. The guy I bought it from says it didnt have spark but I have all three plugs sparking very well.

    I tried pouring premix down the carb, not even a sputter, its moving fuel because it blows a cloud of fuel vapor while cranking (tank was bone dry when I got it, added about a gallon of premix).

    Brand new battery (stays above 10.6 while cranking, actually stays at 11). Im at a loss here.

    122-119-120 psi mag to pto (a little low but should still run according to the manual).

    I cant even get a sputter out of it. Any ideas?
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    Are you sure the plug wires are hooked up correctly? Opened the e-box and verified everything is wired right?

    Only thing I could think is that the timing is waaaaay off and it's not sparking at the right time...but usually that leads to serious backfiring.

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    Its not even sputtering. The plug wires are all cut to length but I will check to make sure they are the right way(meaning someone may have cut them backwards).

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    I tried swapping the pto-cen wires and still nothing(still have spark). Poured a bunch of gas down the carb while cranking, nothing, not even a sputter. Added 4 gallons of fresh gas to the tank(only had about a gallon in it), still nothing. Its like a black hole where the physics of a motor should be.

    Edit, just tried swapping all the plug wires randomly, still nothing. Tried a half dozen combinations and nothing.

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    There could be several problems.

    It will run on one cylinder, so concentrate on the Mag or first cyl.
    Remove the other plugs,cover the hole with a rag.
    Try each plug wire on the mag cyl.
    Do you have fresh plugs-to keep from flodding out ?

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    Check the flywheel timing marks compared to MAG piston at TDC. You can see the timing marks through the access hole on top of the flywheel housing.

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    Okay, so we finally found out it is NOT getting fuel(of course pouring fuel down the throat should have done something but I guess it doesnt like that). Now we are back to no spark without changing anything! The no fuel is probably a clogged line or bad accelerator pumps. The lack of spark is just annoying at this point. Im going to recheck all the electrical stuff again while it has no spark and see if the mag is actually still working.

    BTW, yes it has new plugs and we did have good bright blue spark yesterday, today we have nothing.

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    Weak battery will cause no spark.

    Make sure the lanyard is in place.

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    Do what Casey advised. Replace all of the fuel line to the carb and on the carb. Tear the carbs down. The accel pump can be manipulated to see if it is pushing fuel. Your dealing with a very old machine with high hours. It's not a far fetched statement when saying "this needs tlc and attention" new stuff equals easier trouble shooting. Clean the carbs and see if the pull fuel. Check the fuel and water separator. See if the pulse line is obstructed. If it is, your carbs will never work. It could be broken reeds too. Did you check them?

    Once the fuel issue is fixed, check the crank phase and then the timing. If it's not electrical, anyone can easily fix this.

    Report back and let us know what you got.

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    Ok, Im just going to order a set of carbs from ebay, in the meantime I am not getting any ohms between the purple wire and the black wire on the stator(should be 1200 ohms, I cant get anything out of it). So I think I have a bad exciter coil. Is it possible to just replace the exciter or do I have to get a whole new stator?

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