K fellow PWC riders..... I'm trying to order some mods to get this mod partayyyy started finally as i made another thread about a month and a half ago..... Summer has been here and I'm yet to ride my Ski! UGH!!!!

So far I have on my list......
MANIFOLD upgrade kit
R&D 2.5" wedge/rod
Solas 15/22r prop
Speed freaks impeller nose cone
R&D supercharger adapter
Fizzle air intake
Universal intercooler strainer kit
Fizzle catch can

SHOULD I GET THE IMPELLER TOOL ? I would rather not if you guys could bring yours so I can put that to great use if I can.....?

Is there anything else I'm leaving out?
I have about 79 hours on ski and was wondering, I had my oil changed 3 times since new.....I know I need some intercooler coolant but don't know which brand would be best? I prolly have around 10-15 hours on oil in the ski now and it's amsoil