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    Motor alignment shims

    I just pulled the motor from one of my 1996 slt780's, the PTO piston went so I figured it's time for a rebuild.
    I noticed there are no shims on the mounts. Is it possible that none were needed?
    Has anyone ever seen one without any shims?
    I saw somewhere that the number of shims is sometimes marked on the mounts, but I couldn't find anything on mine if they are marked where would the marks be?
    I don't have an alignment tool to check, hopefully beerdart will have enough to sell me one.

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    My 99 SLTH had no shims in it. However my SL 900 must have 20 of them.

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    It may be written on the hull next to the mount. My 94sl had numbers written in marker with different numbers.. looked factory.

    3 up front and 4 in back each side for mine. some may not need any. just depends.. I have some extras if you need a few. the plastic and metal ones.

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    My SLH didn't take any....which was really surprising considering two of the mounts were added after the fact in order to mount the 1200.

    Other's I have have take 4-5 in one corner.

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