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    Smile MSX 140 HO limp-home mode?

    I am new to this site today and hope I can find some help for my 2004 MSX 140 HO ski. The ski has been trouble free for 6 years until last summer when it started having a fuel problem. I replaced the fuel pump and the throttle positioning sensor and all was well. Ski will run about 63 mph(gps) within the first 7 minutes of running and then apparently goes into the limp home mode. If you let it cool off for about a half hour, you can repeat the scenario again. It appears to either be a computer issue or cooling issue, I just don't know how to check either. Is there a way to pull codes from the computer? Any help will be appreciated!


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    Use my signature links to learn about the simple LED code reading tool, and other diagnostics.

    Check the water cooling feed for the EMM, make sure it is actually flowing.

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    check the screen in the pump where to supply line has directional holes to feed water.some how mine came out and had overheating issues till i replaced it

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