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    787 top end or whole engine

    The rings shattered inside a jug on one of my boat's 787 engines. I am looking for a 787 engine to swap it out with... or possible a top end to just get it running again

    PM me with what you have


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    Hi I See you have a problem with your SeaDoo engines I can help.

    Just so you know in most cases when a ring breaks like that the parts find there way down to the lower end and you can never get them out even by flushing it out The only way to do it and do it right is to at least pull it about clean and check the lower end replace the outer oil seals.

    But at the point your very close to a complete rebuild after you buy and bore the cylinders and do the work.

    I after rebuilds on my website standard 1 year warranty 999.00 with free return shipping and 10% off for Greenhulkers at time of order.

    Im leaving for a few days to go out of town from Thursday about 5pm to Monday morning and wont have a PC.
    but you can email or even try calling by 5pm Thursday.

    Pm me and I will help you anyway I can.

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