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    DIY tunnel reinforcement

    I don't think the how to section gets the traffic this section does so I figured I'd post here. I'm gonna begin this process today, but I am also painting the hull. Should I wait to install the bolt inserts once the intake grate is ready to go back on?
    Also, I got my hands on some 1.5 inch wide super thick fiberglass mat. I was thinking about epoxying strips across the top where the bolt insert will go. What do you guys think? This stuff is thick so I'll probably need longer bolts afterwords as well. Is this a problem area or should I just lay some strips across the tunnel as reinforcement like that one guy in the sticky used rope and created splines.

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    Ok I made alittle progress. I got all the green goop off of the ride plate retainers so I can install the new design one piece ones. There were already one piece ones installed on the pump shoe, but the one side has the built up fiberglass hexes ripped off. Ski is a 2003 in case you were wondering. I also noticed that both rear holes from the outside are all cracked and torn up.
    When you guys do the diy tunnel reinforcement, do you grind down these hexes anyways, or keep them? How about that lil incline on the peak as well?
    I'm thinking of grinding them down, lay over the fiberglass, then cutting out a 1/4 piece of metal that the bracket can fit into, then bolt it in using 5200 to seal it. Is this overkill you think?

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    I would like to get cracking at this today.

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