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    1998 ZXI 1100 Keihin CDKCV Carb questions

    Looks as though these carbs have NO low or hi mixure adjustments and other than the main jets you cant adjust anything on these carbs. So I guess this will make a rebuild and reinstall pretty straight forward.

    Im rebuilding because from a idle the ski will hesitate (bog) when I hit WOT. After she gets going no problems. I can run the ski full speed and no issues and sounds great. It also seems to load up a bit going through no wake zones.
    Should I mention she is a bitch to start? (another common issues I understand with these skis). Even after I slow down to a idle, from wot, the hesitation is still there.

    Since she runs good, other than the bog when I hit the gas, I think I can guess the fuel pump is ok. And since I canít adjust anything, my only conclusion is the carbs need a rebuild. I donít think the ski was driven much the past few years and crap may have built up in the carbs. I wonder if the float needle is letting to much fuel in and making it run rich at idle. But it seems if it was rich it would not bog on take off.

    oh yah.. new spark plugs and the old ones looked ok.

    Are my thoughts here valid? Cheers and Beer!

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    found this on shop sbt

    I have the same carbs on my 98 1100 stx.
    Near the oil injection nipple there is a 8mm dummy plate the hides the low speed/idle adjustment. Drill it out pop it off and turn out 1/4 turn. Order #50 low speed jets replace the #35 jets and now you snap on the throttle and away she goes. I had to do this after taking out my choke plates and installing the primers.

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    If you decide to install primers to improve starting, do NOT remove the chokes! It will run uncontrollably lean.

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    WSM 006-505 is the Keihen tripple primer kit for the kaw 1100 cdcv carbs, comes with everything needed to convert the manual choke sys to a primer, the choke plate and shaft/shaft bushings gets removed, 3 plugs and 3 fuel nipples with a Tee and primer and fuel line, just installed in my cdcv carbs with no problems.

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    May you got lucky. Removing the chokes is a no-no on the Ultra 150 carbs, which are essentially the same.

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    steve this thread doesnt mention ultra 150 till you do, i suggest you pay more attention to the threads which you post, instead of post count.

    to the poster, get to know your carbs and the requirements, or pay up.

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