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    Question SL1050 engine to SLX 785 bottom hull, about to start this project... questions


    I'm new to the forum, but here's my plan.

    I have 1997 SL1050 with good engine, but the bottom hull is in pretty bad shape. My friend has 1997 SLX 785, that has bad engine and top hull is in pretty bad shape, but the bottom is very good!

    I'm planning to separate both hulls and mount 1050 engine into 785 bottom hull, does anyone know if that's straight fit, ie. engine mounts, pump, fittings etc... for me it seems that all is same?

    Then, I'll mate 1050 top hull with 785 bottom hull. Sounds easy, but does anyone know the fact if the lower hull is the same? For me it seems the hulls are identical.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    I'm guessing just about everything is different. The 785 was one of a kind. The bottom of the hull was different for racing. The 785 has a Fuji engine and the 1050 is a Polaris domestic so I'm guessing the motor mounts are different. Bust out the tape measure.

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    the 1050 motor in the 785 hull has been done.i'd repair the 785 top instead of splicing the 2

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    Hi, do you have any links to the 1050 in 785 swap?

    Actually.. I need to open the 785 and see what's up with that. But my 1050 is running strong too.

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    The 785 will turn circles around the 1050..

    Oh welcome to the Hulk

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