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    Unhappy Help! Help! Help! No spark?

    I think I have read every link on GREENHULK and tryed what im capable of doing without spending $100 dollars an hour.

    This is my wifes ski that i just got two weeks ago. It's a 2002 Polaris Virage txi 1200. Only has 19.9 hours on it.

    Took it for a test ride before i bought it and it ran great. The next day I took the wife and son for about an hour and ran fine. SO about 3days later I installed new spark plugs and noticed it wouldnt fire!?!? I took the plugs out and noticed there was no spark... After playing around with everything ALL OF A SUDDEN IT HAD SPARK! So i gear up head to the lake, was ripping for about 15 minutes and it died!!! NO SPARK!!!

    So I checked all connections and wire harnesses, cleaned all the grounds, fuse is good, relays weren't popped, took the kill switch apart 3 different times, battery is 12.9 and 11.6 while cranking, and even tryed a wake up 10 different times.

    I did bring it to a friend that has the computer code reader and it said "Low Voltage Code Error". So we deleted the error, unplugged the computer tryed to started it and NOTHING! We hooked it back up and then it said "No Errors" ???


    Can someone help me? or have any ideas?

    Thanks Matt

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    Try posting in the polaris section, I'm sure someone will help you.

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    Hi Matt,

    Hopefully some others can chime in here with your no spark problem, but to get the ball rolling, do you have a multimeter so that you can check electrical readings between wires? I'd be starting by opening up the electrical box and running the electrical tests (found on the polaris forum, probably in a sticky thread). You might have a problem with your stator (there was an upgrade Polaris made to their stator and CDI, your ski might have the old model in there, which is prone to crapping out). I know this was the case with my 1996 sl900 (and probably my 1999 slx some day)

    Your battery readings sound fine, and if all the electrical contacts have been well cleaned and your cuttoff switch is inserted, then it points more and more towards stator or CDI problems... Odd that the spark came back randomly for you, you probably already checked, but it could also be a short / damaged wire issue.

    Sure you are using the correct plugs?

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    What plugs did you instal?. My understanding is that these Ficht machines only like the NGK plugs. Did it have spark when you had the plugs out, but it wouldnt fire when you put them back in? That would point to a weak battery.

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