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    2011 FX HO vs. 2011 SeaDoo GTX 155

    2011 FX HO vs. 2011 SeaDoo GTX 155

    Newbie here,
    Great site by the way; reminds me of another ATV site I frequent. I have been mulling over 2 different skis I am contemplating on as a post-deployment gift to myself. I had recently sold my '08 Triton bass boat due to a new child last fall, but the water bug has bitten again already.
    The 2 I have in mind are the FX HO and the GTX 155. Both are nearly equally equipped in their own manufactures' ways. All be it the SeaDoo is a few dollars less.
    I will pull tubers, cruise will the old lady, and occationally cut it up my myself. All time will be spent on lake water with minimal chop. I was considering the VXR until I read recently about the leaking hull issues, does the FX do this as well? I hate buying things brand new to find out I have to fix something. It shouldn't be like that.
    If anyone has any feedback on Ark/La/Tex area dealers would be helpful as well.
    I would appreciate all feed-back as this will be posted on both sides of the house.

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    Id go with the FX HO, the extra capacity should make a noticeable difference on an N/A ski unless you really value the seadoo brake etc

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