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    07 IJSBA rules against changing cc

    Anyone who wants to race a 1350cc GPR needs to complain now before the stone sets. They are keeping the same limit 1200cc 2 stroke vs 1600cc SC 4 stroke.

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    What is the reasoning behind this decision? I never really did understand the rule.

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    Who do we complain to Stan?
    They need to know how we feel about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rxpstan View Post
    Anyone who wants to race a 1350cc GPR needs to complain now before the stone sets. They are keeping the same limit 1200cc 2 stroke vs 1600cc SC 4 stroke.

    that sounds a little weird 25% more displacement and a supercharger

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    The final nail in the GPR coffin.
    Jeezus, That doesn't seem brand specific enough. Why not just pull a spark plug on skis with a "Y" in it's name?
    Who gets our mail? Scott F?

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    From my first hand racing against these 4-strokes ( Erminios ) there is no way a 1200cc ss can run with a 385 hp ski. Something needs to be done I just emailed the ijsba with a complaint. If you guys want to say something go to IJSBA.COM and send an email to Frazier. JOJO

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    Yeah Yeah thats why they call me CMF2. Tinsley will always be better at it than I am. LOL

    My feeling is this.
    A 1200 cc boat will not run with the higher horse power 4 strokes.
    The hull change rules just put EVERY budget racer out of the top 5 Nationally.
    I am a budget racer.

    Life sucks..

    The blow off change of stock +10% max will be the only thing to look at if it can be enforced.

    Here I come MUDBUG #3 since there won't be anyway to legally race what would actually be fair competition for these 4 strokes.

    BETCHA RIUS WON"T BE RUNNING A 1200CC 2 STROKE! and they'll let him race whatever he has been racing in Europe regardless of the rules.

    The IJSBA is dying. We can't afford to race in the classes you alot. Ask somebody that cares about the future of Jet Ski racing to help you because you obviously don't care about the future of this sport!

    The rule book should be out the day after WF. Did you have a rule book out related the Drag Racing this year at all?

    The growth of the sport depends on $$ from people that may or may not be able to run bouys but can go in a straight line in a hurry. I may be mistaken but I can't find ANY rules about drag racing and had several people from this years WF tell me it was a joke. I await your very articulate reply that will amout to The survey said!
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    Looks like mudbug is the future anyhow.......Quick story: When I first got in to the sport back in '94 I called the IJSBA several times with questions and they NEVER called me back. Put a sour taste in my mouth ever since. I could care less about what they do. To me mudbug is a way cooler idea where friends get together and have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by falcondrummer View Post
    To me mudbug is a way cooler idea where friends get together and have fun.

    And THAT is what it's all about my friends!

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    I say we get some donated Riva scooters,and force the decision makers @ IJSBA to ride them on the freeway,with a manditory ruling they are only allowed in the fast lane With superchargers and turbos allowed there should be NO restrictions on two strokes period Mud bug is looking better and better every year

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