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    Why wouldn't it start?

    What: '07 Speedster 150 4-tec 215hp SCIC, ~42 hours

    Problem: Pushed start button and engine would not start. Battery very strong, cranking but not firing at all. Never in the life of this boat has it done this before. Had fired up easily all winter in the garage and had already started very readily at least a dozen times in the prior 2 days.

    Troubleshooting: Gas tank down to 1/4 tank or less. "Fuel Lo" had come on dash only briefly before beaching boat and letting it sit ~1-2 hours. Idiot fuel beeps had not started. After failing to start, topped off gas tank from house boat aux tank. Made no difference, could not start.

    Replaced spark plugs (had not done yet this season and was planning on doing it after the trip.) The old plugs looked just fine, but I put in brand new gapped plugs. Made no difference, could not start.

    Tried the "flooded engine" procedure holding throttle WOT manually while cranking. Tried several times. Made no difference, could not start. Battery still strong.

    Check engine fuses. All good. Tried starting a few more times, nothing.. strong cranking but not the slightest bit of trying to fire up.

    Drank beer, got pissed and sat in boat thinking what a POS and a shame not to have my boat for the last 3 days of our Lake Powell vacation. Was now dark outside and figured I'd call it a night and try again in the morning. Friends telling me to give it up and join in at the campfire. I said fine... I'll try one more time and I'm done. Then it fired right up! This is after ~25 starting attempts in the previous 60-90 minutes.

    Over the course of the next few days we rode the boat a lot and probably started it ~20 times and never an issue at all... back to usual nearly instant starting.

    So what the hell happened - why wouldn't the engine start??

    Any insight appreciated. Luckily we were at our campsite and not miles away on the lake.. but now I'm worried about when this will happen next...

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    48-hour bump. Come on... somebody throw out a guess or two at least. I don't want it to happen again.

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