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    2 free ski's and a double trailer...

    So my brother gives me his 98 Kawasaki 1100STX and his 2002 1100 STX DI on a three year old double trailer..."fix them and they are yours". Sounds easy enough. Trailer is eating tires and has a bend in the frame. Ok, going to cut, straighten and plate the frame, replace the slightly bent axle and hubs and replace the worries there. the 2002 was ran into a bridge piling and I am in the process of repairing the fiberglass from both the inside and the outside...had to cut away part of the front storage tub to get access without splitting the hull but have found all of the damaged areas that the repair shop missed in the two previous attempts to fix the hull...great, I am on a roll and will be on the water this weekend...or so I thought. the 98 would not start and he told me it had been rolled and had water in the engine. He had pulled the plugs, cranked it till all the water was out and then got back on the water. The ski ran great but he saw smoke coming from the engine compartment after about 20 minutes and shut it off and loaded it on the trailer. I cranked it by hand to make sure it was not seized, replaced the battery, starter solenoid, and respliced the wires that were broken in the electrical box...that got my display working and got it to turn over...pulled the plugs again and made sure there was no water in the cylinders, sprayed some WD40 in each cylinder to disipate any remaining moisture and got it started. My brother was there when I started it and said it sounded as good as it always had. However, the smoke was so thick you couldn't see the engine compartment. I found the rubber pipe on the exhaust was loose and after putting that back together at least it smokes out the exhaust now. Here is my dilemma: I have never been on these ski's and this is the first time I have even seen them run. I know 2 strokes are meant to smoke but it smokes so bad you can't see your hand if front of your face after about 30 seconds. All the little repairs are adding up and I don't want to risk burning it up and causing myself more expense.
    Any idea why it would smoke that bad? is there something I should look for before putting them in the water for a test run? can water outlets be added so the ski's can be ran on the trailer for troubleshooting and cleanouts? I wish I knew more of the technical stuff like y'all do but hey, I just want to put the ski's on the lake and enjoy them with the kids without too much more hassle. any help would greatly be appreciated. Please post any questions or ideas you may have.

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    That's what happens when you spray WD-40 into each cylinder.

    Don't use that stuff in an engine, it will gum it up.

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    Thanks for replying Steve. However, not enough WD40 was sprayed into the cylinders to make any difference and was primarily just to make sure I wasn't going to damage anything on intiial cranking. The WD40 was the suggestion of the service manager at the Kawi shop after hearing the entire situation and how long the skis had been sitting. The problem with the smoking is a bad oil injection unit...the 98 1100STX is a fixed rate pump so the only thing it can be if the machine is getting too much oil is a bad oil pump. Not a bad problem to have since at least the motor did not seize up. other than that the ski runs great and that will be taken care of as soon as I can get the new oil pump.

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    I have used WD 40 before when I flipped my old 96 xp. The wd 40 helps start the ski, it will spark, water will not. However, I have learned since that there is not enough lubricant in WD 40, hence Sea-Doo lube is a better alternative in these situations.

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    You should never run them more than like 15 seconds with cool down between on the trailer with out a hose hooked to them. You will burn them up. Were they ever winterized for the time they sat?

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