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    How much should a 787 rossier jetted pipe sizzle? I can cook an egg. Bad??

    My 96xp with three hours on the motor last night I turned 7100 rpm on the nose and ran 62mph on my Garmin GPS. I want to get to 65 or 67 on this setup. See if you have any suggestions. Also how much should the rossier pipe sizzle? I wish I had my infa red temp gauge last night but you could cook an egg on my exhuast last night that is how hot it got. I even disconnected the MSD water controller at the head pipe 1/4 spray bar and ran un regulated water to it and it still ran that hot. Is the solas X1 over loading the motor getting it hot maybe? I am running the stock pump and nozzles.

    *Rossier pipe 100 main jet in mid pipe, 175 main jet in stinger. 1/4' jetworks to stinger. MSD water controller to head pipe sprayer with no jet on the 1/4 spray bar (water on at 3650 and off at 5500)

    *97spx 787 free flow waterbox. water regulator port plugged.
    *Novi bored 42mm carbs with ocean pro arrestors and primers, bored stock 800 intake manifold to 42mm port matched all gaskets. 165 main jet mag carb 167.5 main jet pto carb, 80 pilot jets, 65 gram springs, 2.0 n/s (not sure what pop off it) Carbs are almost dead on. Not one dead spot. May be a little rich up top.

    *mikuni df62 high volume fuel pump, removed stock fuel seperator, and removed on off selector, i use the 'reserve' and 'on' from the tank at 1/4' linked together to 3/8' fuel line to the df62 3/8 inlet line to the pump.
    *(No porting done maybe winter time.)
    *True welded 787 crank from sbt brand new.
    *stock 159 rotary valve but i do have a stainless steel race 163 degree one to try and get more mph also.
    *1.50mm bore oversize sbt pistons brand new .006 clearance. squish is around .55 both on a 6 hole base gasket.
    *Mel Miller head 43cc domes 93 octane sunoco fuel not sure what my compression is, I want to try 39.5cc or 41cc domes for more compression may run half avgas to see if i can get there too.
    *Lightened rear pto flywheel
    *Jetinetics lightened front mag flywheel
    *Msd enhancer on stock settings, I may try more timing with the limited settings Or I have a MPEM on the workbench with the #5 racing curve but stock mpem is in there now.
    *Solas x1 prop w/ stock exit nozzles but do have xo and skat swirl 'race' 17 22 props I want to try them all with my stock nozzle, 85/88 nozzle and 82/85 nozzle and see what makes most mph. New wear ring. I also have a skat trak magnum 6 vane pump but no good top speed props.

    *Pump wedge for the boat that will go in soon.
    *Pre-Mix with amsoil Dominator synthetic 40:1 no oil injection.

    *Br8eix Ngk 'iridium spark plugs'
    *Removed intake grate for that extra 1 mph
    *Removed sponsons for top speed run.
    *removed excess weight like storage box under hood, removed oil tank and oil lines (i have oil line to rotary valve looped), rear air inlet box removed, drilled more cooling holes in the front of the seat air intake, removed all guages since none of them worked anyways, removed all that extra wiring too.
    *siliconed bolts on ride plate so that everything is smooth.

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    Should be able to hold hand on pipe for a second or two.

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    Aseymore, can you PM or send me your setup? What jetting are you using in the pipe. Are you just spraying ecwi at the headpipe? Is your waterbox plugged? Are you doing regular cooling or reverse cooling? Can you also email me your cooling routing. I really appreciate it.

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    what do people do about pipe jetting with reverse cooling? Does anyone know? The pipe water goes overboard if theres a jet in the midpipe your restricting water from leaving the pipe.. dont get it..

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    61 (copy and paste)

    I hope this will carry you to a quick drawing of my cooling system routing. I have a 90 jet in the head pire and 180 in the tail.
    Timing 23 deg. max timming,begain retard 5 deg. at 5,000 rpm's. My email address [email protected] send me yours and we can communicate a lot easier.

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    props to the labels on your drawing, thats some damn good handwriting on a computer haha

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    I did not know you were running a afrermart head. The origional head reworked 100.00 bucks where a aftermart 350.00 or more. You get the same performance and 250.00 to go some where else. Pretty don't make it go faster.

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    Got the water routing figured out. The head water routing was backwards. Here is a new photo of the boat now running ice cold. I cannot get the pipe to sizzle anymore so gonna drop to a 90 mid pipe jet.

    Water comes in through the strainer to the factory pipe ecwi splitter. One end goes to the head pipe sprayer with a 100 jet through the msd water controller on at 2250 and off at 5500. Used the Miller water cooling on the rec diagram that bill listed here. 4th post down.

    The other end of the splitter goes to the 1/4 head pissers that put cold water right on the domes. Then the 1/2 lines comes up to another T that goes to the stinger with the jetworks and a 175 jet. and then to the top of the head 1/2 line fitting. and exits the bottom of the head. Motor and pipe ran totally ice cold. Now need to lower the jets in the pipe to get it hot on a high speed run.

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    Do you have 2 water strainers?

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    Nope just one water strainer coming in at the 1/2 inch water line from the pump. Wait ure right the factory pipe water T that silver thing is also a strailer. Lol just extra protection for my little water jets.

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