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    2000 Virage runs-then locks

    Hey guys

    I'm helping my cousin out with his 2000 virage. The ski will be running and then the motor will lock up. It will just give a click when he tries to start it.

    The pump was recently rebuilt with new bearings. If he keeps on tying to start it, it will eventually turn over. I'm not sure how the bendix works exactly, but I'm thinking that may be the issue. Once he gets it to fire up, he can ride again for awhile.

    Can the bendix gear engage while the motor is running and cause it to lock up?

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    I heard it running in the garage and recall a "whirring" noise coming from the front of the motor. Maybe a crank bearing going bad, but I wouldn't think it would start back up eventually once it locked. The sound coming from the front of the motor is also making me wonder about the bendix.

    After it "clicks" while trying to restart it, it will eventually turn over again. A little more each time he hits the start button.

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    That sounds just like a mag bearing on your crankshaft, it gets hot and locks up, cools down and restarts.

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    It sounds like the flywheel cover and flywheel may need to be pulled off so you can have a look-see. Might be a Bendix problem, or a bearing problem.

    In any case I would not ride it until the problem has been found and fixed.

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    My 900 would do that when the mash bearing exploded and pieces of the bearing would get wedged between the rod and the bottom case....eventually it would free up and turn over again.....that was the first time I replaced the motor.

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