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Thread: pulling a tube

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    pulling a tube

    I have a 2006 RXP. Is the single stock u-bolt strong enough to tow a tube with a couple of passengers?

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    hey if you are not sure there are 3 u bolts back there.better to be safe than sorry.easy enough to hook up all 3 at once.thanx

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    sure is, I've done it numerous times, I just wouldn't go too crazy with how many people you put back there because the law will get you in some states for not having room on the ski incase something would happen to the tube. I know here in wv you have to have room on your vessel for the amount of people you are towing too.

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    I use a 3 point system. Using the tow hooks and the transom hooks spreading the weight evenly.

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    I cant see it being a problem, the glass is thick there and most ski boats have similar tow hooks with no issues.

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    No problem at all I have towed 3 people on a tube with a weight of 640 lbs. The thing that is annoying however is that the weight of the riders push the ski around a bit. It does take practice to give the tube riders a smooth ride without the jerks and constant slack in the rope just keep it tight and keep the rope out of the intake grate ask me how I know lol damn wife.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've been pulling 2 four person tubes with 8 teenagers for 6 years - the u-bolt area is very thick - NO issues!

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    I guess that settles it! Thanks all.

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