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    somebody please school me

    My 98 Kawi 1100STX is smoking like crazy...yes, I know it is a 2 stroke but this is excessive and my 2002 does not smoke like this. Every indication is that it is running perfectly with that one exception. I have never had a jet ski before so I know next to nothing about them other than what I have been able to trace. How do you adjust the oil injection and know that you have it right? are there any other reasons this would smoke like a chimney? It sounds great and fires right up after the initial playing with the choke. somebody please give me some ideas as to what to look for.'s hot and I should be in the lake and not working on these friggin' things all day.

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    That has a fixed ratio pump, so there is no adjustment that I know of. Does it smoke a lot after it's been run hard for a few minutes?

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