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    jet ski cuts out in water

    i have an old jet ski that run fine on the trailer and when put in the water it cuts out instantly. im dont no a lot about jet skis and its just something we ride at my grandparents house for fun. i dosnt have a lot of upkeep and just wanted to get it going for the summer.
    any info could be usefull so help please!

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    Welcome aboard, jpt!

    Yea, it would be too easy if it ran in the water but cut out on the trailer...

    90% of the time it's a fuel problem. Carburetors/fuel pump/filter gummed up from improper storage and old gas. Try changing the fuel filter first. If that doesn't help, don't continue to run it because it will likely be too lean, damaging the pistons. In that case, overhaul the carbs.

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    thanks ill give those a try

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    Also check that both plugs are engine running on 1 cylinder will rev fine out of water but doesn't have the power and will bog when you put it in the water.

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