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Thread: 951 carb noise

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    951 carb noise

    Sorta baffled here did a top end refresh over the winter went 1mm over 0n a 951 gtx carb model, did bens mods r&d intake and stuffers and prok filters. Jetting 85 low 167.5 hi low out 1 1/4 hi 1/4 boat ran great but at wot suffered a very slight sezuire on mag cylinder just stalled no compression loss still 145 psi per cylinder lean on top. I own a auto repair shop and have been a master tech for 25 years, i opted to pull back apart and ck cylinders rehoned cylinders went with wisecos because clearence was .007 piston to cylinder wall. Went with factory gsks didnt like the wsm the first time, went back together great double checked base gsk to make sure it didnt tear was ok new, head gsk ,compresion is 142.5 both cylinders now i have a funny noise out of carbs sounds like very faint popping only at certain rpms but not clearly a distinct backfire can be heard thru both carbs, took a stethoscope to motor is not a cylinder noise . Any ideas

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    Spent some time tuning today i believe this noise is a resonance from intake reeds in r&d intake and stuffers at a certain rpm range , everything runs good so i will call it fixed.

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