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    WTB '91 Superjet Intake Grate

    Notice today that my OEM intake grate for my '91 SN Superjet had a crack in it on one of the veins. Looking for an aftermarket grate.

    OEM one looks like it's poly?

    Anyone have a good aftermarket one? What't the best one out there?



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    i have some here.....

    jetlyne, "open" type scoop = 20.00 new ( decent upgrade over stock)
    our own design RCJS "tri-scoop" = 50.00 new ( better)
    WORX 201 = 195.00 new ( best)

    prices + s&h

    you can see pictures at my web site, in the yamaha drive section. please email, or call if i can help. thank you

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