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    2002 Gpr1200 Questions

    I'm new to this forum but I'm a member on both of the other forums.

    I just picked up a Gp1200r and I'm trying to do some clean up work.

    I haven't had a chance to pull the stinger yet but here are a few thing I did notice.

    Under the front compartment I saw what appears to be the oil level sensor unplugged. Why was it done this way?
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    I also noticed this cable un-connected What is this?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Check for an oil pump blockoff plate on the front cover. The ski may be converted for premix. Very important to figure this out before you ride it.

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    Better yet call the original owner and ask as many questions as you can.

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    The guy purchased it from doesn't know much about the ski he got it in a trade and couldn't get it to run. It only would start on starting fluid and die. I got home & notice the fuel selector was in the off position. Turned it to on ski fired up.

    He said it was Premix but hoses are on the carbs. And the jumper was in the plug. Would the oil pump go bad if they were running Premix with the pump still connected?

    What is the unhooked cable?

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    I believe the throttle cable and oil pump cable are connected to a pully at the front of the carb rack. As you give it more throttle, the oil cable also moves and more oil is fed. Usually people just remove the oil pump entirely, but I guess by just disconnecting the cable you could be doing the same thing? Not sure if it would still inject oil at idle or not? That's assuming there's oil in the tank too.

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    If I hook everything back up and re do all of the lines, how do I know if the oil pump is working properly?

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    you'll have to check for oil flow somehow. But if it's disconnected, I would leave it that way. Apparently they did it for a reason, you may not know the pump is bad until it siezes. I would stay premix, it's not that difficult and the only way to know for sure the oil gets where it needs to be.

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    Just use oil block off then u don't have to worry about blowing an oil line off and burning a piston up

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    I'm pretty sure that's the choke cable. Take a look in the mouth of the carbs and see if the choke plates have been removed, also look where your right thumb goes on the handlebars for a choke lever under the throttle block, most people put a primer where the fuel selector knob goes but maybe yours is in the engine compartment if it had one added. When switching from oil injection to premix most people use the oil injection fittings on the carbs for a primer setup. Without the choke or primer it would be difficult to start a cold motor.

    Post pics of the top of all the carbs

    If it does still have the oil pump on it I would remove it and go premix, it's cheap insurance to know that your ski is always getting oil.

    If the ski still has all of the mechanical parts for the choke you can just hook the cable back up.

    I would at the very least do a compression check and take a peek at the pistons/cylinders with a tiny flexible LED light through the spark plug hole.

    Oh, and the oil sensor is unplugged so that the low oil alarm isn't always beeping, does it have a small wire jumper in the plug?

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    I got a little work done. I removed the stinger, having trouble moving the chamber it was late. I'll give it another try today. The stock choke is still hooked up. But I'm missing the top half of the F/A.

    I installed wave eater clips and couplers, oil block of is next.

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