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    Sl 750 boggs out ....

    Well I rode today and the only way I could keep it from turning off from a slow stop was to use the choke and a lil more gas then it would go..smell gas too...any ideas ?

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    Have you updated to a 3-outlet fuel pump?
    Have you cleaned the fuel selector valve?
    When was the last time the carbs were dismantled, cleaned, and rebuilt?
    Is the restrictor present in the fuel return line?
    What is the condition of the fuel lines?
    What is the condition of the fuel pickup hoses in the tank?

    Yeah, I know those are all questions, but answering these will lead you to your solution. If you must choke the ski to make it run that means it's not getting enough fuel and is running lean. DO NOT run this ski until you solved the problem. Running a ski that is lean can and will lead to melted pistons.


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    Warning Will Robinson.Warning!!!

    Follow Johns lead and you'll be good to go.

    Any compression check done on the cylinders?
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    This will give you an idea whats happening in your ski.. First things first.

    Older Polaris models use a single outlet fuel pump stock on that ski., Over many years of use or sitting they get gummed up,sticky,and possibly varnish in where the jets are located inside the carb. Or just get weak or develop holes in the diaphrams and leak.Pistons start burning soon after from too much air and not enough fuel. That's called "running lean". some say it never ran better and then boomb!

    The entire fuel system should be redone. A faster flow triple outlet carb is the upgrade for the fuel pump. You will need 21 feet of fuel line. coast guard approved for use with gasoline. they make cool blue colors and others are red and some are a thicker black type.

    There may be 2 pick up hoses in the tank that probably are swollen, dark brown or black looking and the weighted screens on the bottom of them may or may not be even on the end of the hoses!. mine weren't connected myself on mine...

    The longer tube in the tank is your reserve pick up and the shorter one is the main. make sure you cut the correct length for each and put them on the right nipples when replacing them. do 1 at a time. if not put on right, when you switch over to the reserve, it wont be there for ya.

    Then chack the gas cap for cracks.. both caps, the one on the outside of the ski and the one going onto the tank especially. If it's cracked, you need a new one there.

    You will need to remove the carbs and rebuild them...pretty easy....... then replace the diaphrams with new ones and check the needles and seats for binding, sticking or being bent, cracked.

    After the rebuild, set the carbs to factory specs. you should write down what size jets you have for the main jets and the smaller jets. then write that info on your hood inside with marker.

    Those blue caps on the high speed screws pop right off. don't use those for tuning. just the needles.

    Don't bust the oil pump rod when removing the carbs. it has a nylon clip holding it together that skips off to one side first then releases.

    There's a thing called auto-cock on the fuel routing . that prevents gas from flowing when tipped over.. when installing the new pump, its deleted..

    when taking off your fuel lines,the return line near the carb rack will have a metal restrictor in the line. dont throw that away. it will be close to the carb rail with a zip tie on it.. keep that piece! that builds your fuel pressure. must have it.

    Then check your water fuel seperator cap for cracks and take it apart and clean.

    If you like, you could also change the float on the fuel sender too. easy and cheap while the tank is out being cleaned and all...

    Make sure the gas tank lines don't curl up from being wrapped in a circle too long. and make sure your weighted screens are on them.

    Then use beerdarts diagram on here to install the carb fuel lines hoses following the diagram exactly..

    then the rest of the lines from the tank to the water seperator. to the fuel selector and feed and return and vents lines.. all of them!

    An oil filter change in the oil line as well as 2 new gas filters---make sure they point in the right direction when installing. there's an arrow on them pointing. fuel wont flow the other way if installed wrong.

    then you can check the o-ring in the fuel selector too just to see if its good or not.

    Now the ski should start up exactly as it should.. unless you have other issues like an air leak or some other thing.

    It will cost you as follows--approx..

    triple outlet fuel pump 35.00
    21 feet fuel line. 21.00
    2 gas filters. 5.00
    1 oil filter. 4.00
    float? 15?
    tie wraps.2.00
    carb rebuild kit-all three 129.00

    = $211.00 Well worth the investment. you don't want to be stranded or be burning pistons. We'll help ya thru it.

    Good Luck!

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